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29-Dec-2017 19:02

If you’re just beginning to consider putting yourself back on the market, you may have a lot of questions. She is just beginning to think about dating but she wants to make sure she is really ready. How have you moved on and what more do you need to gain closure? Nine of Swords – I totally agreed with Jenny here and didn’t have anything else to add.

Jenny took a year off from dating to heal after a painful breakup. My question for Jenny would be: what work are you currently doing to continue to heal the pain from your last relationship? In time, she might discover that this dating business isn’t as scary as she thought!

The archetypes of the Major Arcana (excluding the Fool) can be used to determine an individual's life path (or the theme for each lifetime).

While the Fool card may appear negative, it actually represents the spark that sets things into motion or that crucial “first step” that gets the ball rolling. This is where the duality of the card comes in: the card has a gathering of clouds that reminds you there is always the potential for a tragic conclusion.

He was an early-thirties, MBA-holding financial analyst living in a high-rise condo he owned in Miami.

After his six-year relationship ended, he was eager to get back to playing the field, so to speak.

Could you be making a subtle, but sabotaging, mistake on your first dates?

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Unfortunately, unlike a restaurant, your date probably won’t be leaving a review.

When you’re working the dating scene, it’s normal to get rejected more than a few times.

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