Dating waste of money

11-Sep-2017 13:47

That’s a sad realization to come to after spending 0 on a membership and hundreds of dollars more on first dates that came to nothing, but after two years, I’m ready to call it quits. Many of us have found true love on dating sites, but many more of us haven’t and probably never will.It doesn’t mean we’re bad people or even bad partners; it just means online dating isn’t the right way for people like us to find partners who are for us. You’d think online dating would be a perfect way for introverts to meet new people, but it isn’t.Blame cell phones, texting, Facebook, and social networking sites that make groups of friends connected to each other, yet form cliques and isolate themselves from the mainstream. The GAME has CHANGED fellas, and game material hasn't evolved to catch up with the profound changes in communications technologies as it has affected social dynamics in recent years.Additionally, the growing popularity of online dating means women no longer need to actively seek men - women can field multiple date requests from the comfort of their own homes. And therein lies the paradox of the broken bar/club scene today. Would Mystery in his early days come up with the Mystery Method if he had to contend with ADD attention-*****s too preoccupied with texting their friends and taking pictures of themselves with digital cameras to put up on Facebook and calling all guys "creepers" instead of, like, having a real conversation? Wondering if its a regional difference we are seeing. where I grew up, a lot more groups of just girls (no guys) or even 2 sets and 3 sets of just girls. I have been on the site for over a month now and had no success.They also have a feature called blocking but it's a false sense of security. Now four years ago I joined and went on and off for weeks, with very little problem!Gold diggers aside, most women don't care how much a man drops on a date.

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The actual meeting that follows is done in a high-anxiety social setting, which means you probably won’t be as charming in person as you presented yourself on the website.Once you block someone, you will not be able to see them, but they will still see you. The poor souls who trust the info Match provides (I was one of them) are many times based on lies. Now three weeks ago I join again and had nothing but problems, that they can't even check out, as I had spoken to customer service a number of time, like being locked out and having to call the Nextel day to redo my password, but here's the killer for me, every two or three days the new profile I put up would vanish, and my old profile would reappear!They have lots of tricks to get your money, so don't waste your money! In order to get you to re-sign for another 6 months or 1 year, will send you fake emails from attractive women. This happened three times to my profile and pictures.Beware, is really good at charging your credit card at the end of your subscription without any notice and so far they refuse to return the 6 they charged. You know a lot of things change in a person's life in four years!!!

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I called again after the third time and ask for my money back, but they refused, so I asked what can be done...

They told me I have to go online again and edit again, that when I said CANCEL ME PLEASE!!!

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