Halifax revenge porn

01-Sep-2017 17:11

For me that makes it a sexual crime and I truly believe that any reasonable person would view it in the same light.”Mrs Mulligan said: “While I understand the legal points he makes, I think to compare revenge porn with blackmail is to overlook the uniquely intimate nature of the crime.

“Revenge porn is about shaming women primarily and inflicting psychological distress.

Often these images are originally intended for an individual or only a small number of other people but are disseminated more widely than the originator consented to or anticipated.

The effect of this distribution is a violation of the depicted person’s privacy in relation to images, the distribution of which is likely to be embarrassing, humiliating, harassing, and degrading or to otherwise harm that person.” Revenge porn However what many don’t realize about is that while the previous laws were to protect children under 18 years of age, the new law applies to both children and adults of any age.

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In Mr Penning’s written reply to Mrs Mulligan, seen by The Yorkshire Post, he says the new offence of revenge porn “is not a sexual offence, that is to say that the mental element of the offence is not a sexual one, it is a malicious one (the intent to cause distress)”.

He said: “The behaviour itself is also not ‘sexual’, although the material disclosed may be sexual in nature, the offences committed requires, for example, no element of sexual contact, sexual intent or sexual gratification.“Instead it is the disclosure of photographs and/or films without the consent of the person appearing in them.

I’ve had massive support from across the country and our campaign to change the law has been backed by more than 15,000 in the few short weeks since it went online.“How anyone can fail to see revenge porn as a sexual crime is beyond me.

And of course the worst thing about it is that is almost always done by someone that is trusted by the victim.It defines an intimate image as being one in which the subject is nude, partially nude, or engaged in explicit sexual activity.